The Debate & Discussion Society promotes the pursuit of common ground and deeper understanding in a non-partisan and non- ideological setting through regular debate and discussions. It aims at fostering enlightened minds through appreciation of timeless ideas and values, and open-minded dialogue on contemporary issues with the combined initiatives of the teachers and the students at the CLC.

Various Activities of Debate & Discussion Society at CLC

During the past academic year in the field of Law, the members of the Debate & Discussion Society of the CLC have been exposed to a rigorous training through a broad array of competitions, workshops and seminars held all across the country including:

  • “262nd Report of Law Commission of India: An Analysis”
  • “Net Neutrality in India”
  • “Constitutional validity of been ban in India”
  • “Changing Frontiers of Diplomatic Immunity: A Vienna of Convention”
  • K“The Gamut of Goods and Service Tax in India: Provisions, Obstructions and way ahead”


The CONFERO, which had its birth in the year 2013, provides a platform to debaters all across the country to enhance their knowledge through exchange of ideas. CONFERO 2016 with its debate topic “Freedom of Speech and Expression Should be Absolute” was conducted on 31st March 2016 at Campus Law Centre. The format of the debate was conventional.

University School of Law & Legal Studies, GGSIPU was the winner. Anmol from University School of Law & Legal Studies, GGSIPU won the Best Speaker Award. Agrima Sharma and Amol Aggarwal from Amity Law School, GGSIPU won the Best Interjector Award.